For: Children

Who’s it for?

Our mentoring programme is for any young person from the Whitton or North-West of Ipswich

What happens?

At WYP, we believe that mentoring is journeying with a young person as a consistent and reliable role model.

Mentors are quick to listen, offer the young person a safe place to unpack life and present a platform to empower them to bring about positive changes both now and in the future, helping them build towards a brighter future.

We will work with any young person who feels they feels would benefit from a listening. You could be struggling to keep on top of homework, lacking in self-confidence or have a chaotic home life and just need a mentor to come alongside you and support you, equipping you with skills you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

I’ve been coming for 5 years, it’s somewhere to go, and do things, and the youth workers listen to you and what you’re going through

— J 16